Meet Lūmmi

Lūmmi (L-oo-mi) was founded with a simple goal in mind: to create the softest, most sustainable babywear possible. We create our pieces in the hope that they will be used through generations of little ones, being passed down, given as gifts and donated. 

From the rugged outback to the vibrant coastal cities, Australia is a country that's full of life and colour - and Lūmmi, an Australian brand with designs inspired by the natural beauty and diversity of the land down under, is no exception. With earthy tones paired with soft fabrics adorned with playful prints, Lūmmi in Colour is a sub-brand of Lūmmi, designed to bring joy and happiness to both babies and parents.

Crafting each garment with high quality organic cotton, Lūmmi in Colour offers a range of items required for babies of both genders, from clothing and accessories to blankets and cot covers.

Designed in Australia

Supporting cotton farmers

GOTS certified organic

Lūmmi the bunny
Lūmmi in Colour